Connect with local shoppers who want the things you sell.

Pricemaker connects you directly with your local shoppers, so you can discuss what they want to buy, and make personalised offers to suit their needs.

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What (and how) you offer
is completely up to you.

Shoppers describe their needs with info like budget, preferred brands, sizes, and what they want to use it for. You'll then use this to decide what kind of offers are going to suit them.

You get to seal the deal
& there's no brand damage.

Shoppers pick their favourite offer.

When a shopper is ready, and they like an offer you've made, they'll pick it and exchange contact details with your business. That's all Pricemaker does – it's then up to you to arrange the sale.

Anonymity between businesses.

Your contact details are shared only with the shopper when you place an offer. You can also keep pricing between you and the shopper, other businesses don't have to see it.

Pricemaker is mobile.

"All B2C brands need to consider the role of mobile in the path to purchase."

- TNSGlobal, 2013

More than 2 million New Zealanders now own smartphones, two thirds of whom show a strong desire to compare products and prices while in-store through a smartphone.

We connect you with these in-store showroomers, price-checkers, and product-comparers. With Pricemaker you can discuss with shoppers what they want, and make personalised offers to suit their needs; even while you're out in the showroom.

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