Our Story

What is Pricemaker?

Pricemaker is the next step in the evolution of shopping: an easier way to shop around for the things you want.

Just describe what (and how) you want to buy, and salespeople from your local businesses will make personalised offers that suit your needs.

It's like shopping around on foot, except the businesses are all in one place and are making you their best offers on the thing(s) you need.

Our platform gives businesses the flexibility to make a range of valuable offers, based on what you ask for.

These offers consist of a great product that meets your needs, helpful service to make buying easier, and a sharp price to match.

We want to help create amazing, hassle free shopping experiences, for you and your local salespeople — thanks for stopping by.

So how did this all come about?

Well it started in 2006 when I was out shopping for a TV to replace the big old CRT.

I walked into Harvey Norman with my kids in tow (after already checking in at Noel Leeming and Dick Smith), and headed over to the TV section, dragging my girls away from the toy guitars and PlayStation 2s.

Being at the third store now, shopping had gone from being unreasonable and tiring, to "screw this, I'm going home." I remember thinking "why can't this be easier?" as I looked over the range of LCD and plasma flatscreens that were less than $6,000 (remember, it was 2006).

I left the store exhausted and empty handed, and went home.

That night as I caught up with my wife, I brought up how awful shopping was with the kids chewing at my ankles. We ended up joking around about how it could be made easier.

The next morning I couldn't concentrate at work. Something had stuck from the night before. I mulled the ideas over with a pen and paper, put it in a drawer for another day.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2008, and I'm sitting across from good friend and would be co-founder Andrew Doole, talking about how one day we would like to own and run our own business.

I pulled out the piece of paper with my ideas for Pricemaker on it, and he looked me square in the face: "you have got to do this".

"OK" I said, "help me and we'll do it together".

So we did. We chipped in some cash to start off the bank account and registered Pricemaker Ltd with NZ Companies Office.

The years since then have been a blur of trial and error, apps and websites, research, talking with retailers, car dealers, and real estate agents, meeting great people and mentors, and overall: a whole lot of fun.

So I hope you enjoy what we're building – we're doing it to try and make everyone's life just a little bit easier.

— Erin Walshe, CEO and Co-Founder

  • 2006 — Conception of idea.
  • 2008 to 2012 — Planning started. Several prototypes built by casual developers using a database of products. Signed up some retailers to trial different auction processes.
  • January 2012 — Erin starts fundraising with the aim of hiring staff.
  • June 2012 — First full-timer Patrick Hindmarsh hired as Head of Development. Platform development started, working out of the BizDojo in Wellington. Erin Walshe full-time.
  • August 2012 — Decision made to move away from product database model, to our current descriptive model.
  • September 2012 — Matt Renner hired to work on the business and development.
  • October 2012 — Website launched into open beta 29th October 2012. Kitchenware, Laundryware, and TV categories available.
  • February 2013 — Andrew Smith hired as Head of Brand to work on art direction, copywriting, and brand strategy.
  • May 2013 — John and Alex Quinlivan hired as Pricemaker Heads of Mobile to work on both iOS and Android development.
  • September 2013 — iOS App released.
  • October 2013 — New Cars released, with 30 brand franchises signed up.
  • November 2013 — Changed our core messaging from 'Reverse Auctions', to 'shopping around, personalised offers, and conversations'.
  • June 2014 — Partnered with Fairfax Media to help scale out nationwide sales.